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Learn To Fly

If you are eligible to join, you can learn to fly in the FAA Flying Club's Piper Archer.

Several flight instructors are active club members and are approved to provide instruction to other members. Flight instruction is arranged directly between student and instructor; the club itself does not provide or charge for flight instruction. The club's operations officer can help pair a new member with a club-approved instructor.

A medical exam given by an FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner is required before a student's first solo flight. Although students can begin their training without a medical, it's a good idea to take the exam early to make sure there are no problems.

To earn a private pilot license, the FAA requires at least 40 hours of flight training, however, more time is usually needed (the national average is around 60 or 70 hours). The exact amount of training needed to reach proficiency depends on many factors, including the frequency of the lessons. The more often a student flies, the fewer hours will probably be needed. Students should be prepared to spend at least $6000 for their training.

Student pilots must pass a multiple-choice knowledge test given at an FAA-approved computerized testing center.  Text, Video and PC-based courses are used to prepare for the knowledge exam are available from several sources, including JeppesenKing, and Sporty's.

At the conclusion of their training, students take a check ride with an FAA-designated pilot examiner. The check ride usually lasts about one hour, following oral quizzing on the ground. 

More information on learning to fly is available from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), the world's largest aviation association. Student pilots will probably find it worthwhile to join.

Jason and Hal after a first solo flight
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